George Mason is finally getting a dedicated basketball practice facility

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It looks like George Mason basketball is finally getting a dedicated practice facility for its men’s and women’s teams. The university’s Board of Visitors is meeting next week to request the authorization for a 100% donor funded $15.5 million basketball facility to build on to the existing RAC. You can find the details here on pages 21-22 of BOV’s agenda for the February 11th meeting. If everything goes right this is a great recruiting tool for the program as Mason often has recruiting battles with schools who have bigger and better accommodations for their basketball teams. Facilities are all the rave in college sports these days and Mason needs this addition.

  • famousdave2015

    I love it and a huge step in the right direction for the program.

  • G-n-G

    Seems like a good move for the players and program. But was this a hard decision? It sounds as though the board’s decided that they’re fine with spending other people’s money (donations). Is the $15.5mil something that already has been collected or will GMU launch a new campaign for these funds?

  • Sean Cassidy

    In the Larranga era they raised a substantial amount of $ for a practice facility. I think it was about $8M. Once Hewitt arrived he didn’t think it was necessary to have a separate facility because he had the recently renovated RAC and the Patriot Center so he gave that money to fund a baseball stadium which still hasn’t been started. I think game facilities are more important. Also I always felt practicing in the arena gave them an advantage.

    • StopWearingPurple

      I remember Hewitt making that decision. Seemed stupid then; even stupider now. I wonder if they are going to reappropriate those dollars back to the practice facility.

    • Alan

      Phase 1 of the baseball stadium project (which will break ground this summer) will cost about $1.3 million, and Mason spent over a year (if not longer) raising that money. So I seriously doubt there was ever anything near $8M in private donations in the bank for athletic facilities.

  • Quel Esteve

    No doubt the program is moving in the right direction: hiring coach Paulsen, now this… They all seem like solid long term moves to become a real contender in the A10

  • G-n-G

    Two clunkers in a row. Two opponents shooting better than 60% from beyond the arc. Two games without their best perimeter defender. Coincidence? Any update on Moore? He tweeted on 4 Feb that he’s going to “come back stronger” which often means a season-ending injury.

    • GMU alum2012

      Paulson had a radio interview today, saying Moore has a high ankle sprain.

      • G-n-G

        Awesome, thanks. Is this a regular show for him or was he a guest on something like the Junkies?

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