• G-n-G

    Related to this subject, it was interesting to watch Edwards work the tech sector bigwigs all game. The man has a plan and is executing it. Also nice to see the president and his wife attending the games and chatting up the fans.

    On the game, if that wasn’t the worst half (offense and defense) that Mason could play then I don’t want to be there for the worst. They never figured out how to guard that little curl and pull-up jumper by Bishop, including on St. Louis’s final shot.

    What I liked was the team’s fight and how Coach P and OL2 are both trying to keep Kam’s confidence up. They’re going to need him, maybe as an Ike Tate-like player, especially in years to come. So as much as I appreciate they’re trying to win as many games they can this year, some crucial people have their eyes on setting themselves up for next year.