George Mason beats VCU!

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George Mason went into this game with a different approach then we’ve seen recently, work the ball inside and forget the three-point shooting. Well it worked as the team played more to their own strengths in a 76-69 win over VCU, yes that VCU. Last time against the Rams, Mason was flustered by VCU’s press and didn’t break the 50 point barrier. Tonight they forced VCU to play their game, a gritty battle won on the boards and at the free-throw line. It was a true “earn every inch” type of game. Mason took only five three-point attempts the whole night and got big nights up front from Shevon Thompson and Jalen Jenkins. On defense they forced VCU into plenty of bad shots and possessions. Marquise Moore back in the lineup certainly helped on defense and was a game changer tonight in the back court scoring 15 points and getting to the line for 11 attempts.
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I like that Dave Paulsen and company stuck to their game plan and got the younger players to buy into it in this game. They were playing with a lot of confidence from the start and it carried over into the second half. You could tell winning this game meant a lot to the players and that’s something we all love to see.

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  • gmusigs

    Awesome win, awesome environment at Eagle Bank tonight. Showing the McDonalds workers, I mean VCU fans, really makes the season all worth for me! GO MASON!

  • Cruz108

    This game plan works when Shevon and Jalen don’t fumble and stay out of foul trouble, but i agree great coaching tonight by Paulsen. Whatever he did he lit a fire under these guys and I want to see more!

  • mkaufman1

    Gameplans? Adjustments? Having timeouts at the end of games? Having plays out of timeouts? What are these god forsaken items?

    So happy that Mason pulled this victory out. Its a huge step forward. It may still be rocky for another year or so, but theres progress. The fact Paulsen has 10 wins with barely anyone on the team is phenomenal.

    • StopWearingPurple

      “Having plays out of timeouts?”
      That one really flared up the PTSD from last year.

      • mkaufman1

        Lol, I know man. Its crazy to think not only they had timeouts left at the end of the game (1), they had inbound plays to run when it mattered.

  • SkinsGMU

    Credit these young guys who held it together to beat a very good VCU team. Having said that the veterans stepped it up today and I think that was the difference.

  • Tom

    Great win ! GMU win by playing at a slower pace. If they continue to play slow and do quality shooting, they will win lot of games !

  • dsnjd1

    I was on the VCU post right after the game. This was their second straight loss (I think they dropped their last game to Richmond.) They could not believe they lost to Mason….”to Mason?”… and are beginning to face the possibility that they will not make the tournament. Its so nice to see a rival express self doubt, and be responsible for the infliction of that doubt. They are a twenty win team. Paulsen’s biggest win so far.

  • rosswill

    Impressive win. This team just keeps getting better and better.

  • Bob Boodelang

    Way to Go George Mason!

  • StopWearingPurple

    Pushed GW to the brink, won at Richmond, boat raced by Dayton and RI, big homecoming win against Davidson, crushing loss to ST Louis, loss to UMass, upset VCU. What a long strange trip its been.

    • Quel Esteve

      It’s an extremely young team and coach Paulsen’s tenure is just started… I get the feeling the strange trip will go on for a little longer (one or two more seasons). But I’d bet my money on the fact this is only gonna get better on the long run. This program will slowly but relentlessly turn around.

  • Ian

    I think this is the single biggest difference, to me, from the Paul Hewitt era. I never had any idea what the hell their game plan was last year, and every offensive possession just seemed like a jumble. Having an offensive identity is one of the main reasons this team continues to be interesting, and worth watching.

  • Chris Hirsch

    Great job Mason!

  • Days of Yates

    Great win, great performances, great game plan, great to beat Very Crappy University, and great confidence coming out of this game. I don’t think they were very concerned with us coming into the game… their game plan did not seem in keeping with other rivals who have had success against us. Maybe they thought they could just handle us with the press and be done with it, but that was the best we’ve done with their press in quite a while, and they almost completely abandoned it as the game wore on.

    • Bill Aldacushion

      What do you all think about Coach Wade “throwing in the towel” with 10+ seconds on the clock as I recall? I was surprised seeing the guys in black fall back when Mason was in-bounding under their basket. Seven points is three possession margin, but still …. “Chaos” vs “Havoc”?

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