A look back at the 2006 Final Four


Lot of coverage this week on the 10th anniversary of George Mason’s Final Four run in 2006. Has it been that long? Definitely has a special place in my heart as I started this site that August after it happened.¬†There’s a great in-depth¬†look from Matt Norlander of CBS that is definitely worth your time and shares a lot tidbits that most people don’t know. Also the Washington Post has a great video:

Jim Larranaga and his Miami team will be practicing at George Mason to prep before the ACC tournament. Will they scrimmage our guys?

  • Chris Hirsch

    Great memories from that season. I vividly remember the Creighton loss because I drew the ire of the women’s basketball team sitting in front of me, because I was so pissed with how bad we played and let it be known. I had just graduated the year before, so it would have been even better to still be in school, but getting to go to Indianapolis for the Final Four and sitting courtside is something i will never forget.

    Hopeful we can start making some new memories in the Paulsen era.

  • http://www.benjaminbradley.com/ Benjamin

    I remember listening to the radio while on the floor of the Game Developer Conference (GDC) and people thought I was crazy jumping up and down on the floor because George Mason pulled off the upset.

    It always has surprised me that, of all the players on that 2006 team, Gabe Norwood doesn’t get more press. Especially with all the basketball success he’s had in the Philippines. I’ve always thought he’s had one of the more successful professional basketball careers to come out of George Mason

    • Chris Hirsch

      Very good blood lines in that family, his brother just had the longest punt return in Super Bowl history.

  • StopWearingPurple

    I remember thinking that it was over when UConn forced OT. After the win I put the kids (then 12, 10, & 6) and took them to the campus to see everyone celebrating.

  • Wally Grotophorst

    The newly expanded Fenwick Library has a nice exhibit on the 2nd floor–artifacts and mementos from that historic run.

  • G-n-G

    I really appreciate that this team of Edwards and Paulsen have made a commitment to honoring this team and Mason’s legacy. It’s hard to imagine Hewitt being as comfortable with it, especially celebrating his beloved predecessor.

    For me, this year has had some tangible (albeit modest) improvements over the past two:
    – 5 conference wins instead of 4
    – #12 seeding in A10 tournament instead of #13
    – 2 wins at early season tournament instead of competing to stay out of the bottom
    – a real identity on offense
    – an ability to make second half adjustments (cutting down turnovers, etc.)

    • dsnjd1

      Hewitt seemed to try to throw “blue chip” talent at the problem (albeit, in Mason’s case they were blue chip “wanna- bes” and discarded/failed blue-chippers from other programs), to cover his obvious lack of coaching acumen (which is what he did at Georgia Tech), while Paulsen seems to take the approach of his predecessor’s predecessor (perhaps by necessity) and bring in less heralded players and lightly recruited player coach the hell out of them. Where have I seen this approach work before? Seems familiar. Hmmmm……