2016 GMUHoops.com Bracket Challenge


It’s that time again, join our bracket challenge on CBSSports.com and win Mason prizes. Join an elite group of winners that features former walk-on player Jimmy Nolan! 

Here is the link to the bracket group

The password is mason

My wife has already picked her bracket, based on team mascots, and will probably beat me again for the fifth straight year. Good luck.

  • Sam Weinstein

    Entered! So pumped about it.

  • http://www.benjaminbradley.com/ Benjamin

    This should be fun. The only “mason basketball” prize I’ve ever won was a signed basketball by George Evans. The reason I won the prize was because back then the gmu sports radio evening talk show could really ONLY be heard in the Men’s bathroom in the Communications building (don’t even know if that building still exists anymore). (The radio station was on the other side of the wall.) And so when they asked where Coach L coached before Mason, I finished my business… walked next door…. and gave them the answer. And I won because nobody else was listening or responding. LOL

  • dsnjd1

    There is justice in the world: RPI loses! Now, “Little Will Wade” can now return to his full-time job as a Sears boy’s Department Model, and the rest of the team can check back into prison before their “Work Release Curfew Expires”.

  • dsnjd1

    In a totally inconsequential but curiously related move in a “Seven Degrees of Separation World”, Georgia Tech has fired Brian Gregory, the replacement for Paul Hewitt, after five years. Tech (I guess Blewitt can take solace in the fact that Gregory was as bad or worse than he was and did not have a National Title Game on his Resume’..lol) I think that Tech, like Mason is now out from underneath their obligation to Paul Hewitt. I think Hewitt must now make his money from being a bad commentator, rather than a bad coach.

  • dsnjd1

    Will “Little” Wade is now being talked about as a serious candidate for the Vanderbilt job…given his prior successful tenure at nearby U.T. Chattanooga…boy it must suck to be a VCU fan right now having to consider replacing another young potential superstar coach within two years….and lose your fourth in a row to a big name school (Jeff Capel-Oklahoma, Alan Grant-Alabama, Shaka Smart-Texas)

    • dsnjd1

      ^. CORRECTION: “ANTHONY” Grant-Alabama….but who really cares

      • dsnjd1

        Uh’, Well RPI just proved that they learned from their mistakes they made with their last two coaches and ponied-up some serious cash for the Wesley Crusher “body double” and signed him for a reported eight year contract.