Troy Temara signs his letter of intent

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Troy Temara, a 6’8″, athletic forward has signed his letter of intent to play at George Mason after verbally committing to the program back in September. Temara is probably the most athletic and physically gifted of the 2016 class and has plenty of highlight reels that include monster dunks.  The interesting thing with him is if he can bring that outside jumper in the post, a staple in Dave Paulsen’s pick and pop offense that we didn’t see this season. With Shevon Thompson and Marko Gujanicic gone, the team is in desperate need for some athleticism and scoring up front. The question will be whether or not he can form a formidable pair in the front court with Jalen Jenkins.

Temara joins a Mason recruiting class that includes sharp-shooters Kamari Newman, Justin Kier and shooting guard Ian Boyd.

  • Leedy1896

    Have Newman, Kier and Boyd signed LOI?

    • gmuhoops

      Yes, they all signed during the early signing period

  • Leedy1896

    So, if my math is right, that gives us 15 players for next season, 13 scholarship and 2 walk-ons. Does that mean we won’t be looking for JUCO or 5th-year seniors?

    • G-n-G

      They opened up 3 scholarships this year (Marko, Shevon, and Julien) and had 1 walk-on graduate. That leaves them with 8 scholarship players (DeAndre, Danny, Jaire, Jalen, Otis, Marquise, Kam, and Daniel). If you add these four freshmen they’ll have 12 scholarship players plus 2 walk-on (Myles and Andre).

      • Peter Pfohl

        What about Holloway leaving the program? That would be four open scholarships for the four recruits right?

      • Leedy1896

        I thought we had five freshmen: Temara, Boyd, Kier, Newman & Jaramillo. Did one of them go somewhere else?

  • Leedy1896

    So, how many freshmen do we have signed 4 or 5?

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