• Masonfan01

    Very weak non-conf schedule but at least we should see more wins this year. Hate that we play VCU and JMU at home when students are on break.

  • gmusigs

    Not surprised by the way they scheduled, this kids needs reps and wins to build their confidence. Such a young group and it’s not like they are fighting for an at-large berth and RPI is an issue.

    • Gunston98

      Yeah but where is the challenge? Last season no one thought we’d beat Ole Miss and Ok State and now with this crappy Gulf Coast tourney we don’t have that chance again. Very disappointing.

      • TonyD

        Disagree that we need that non-conf challenge this season. Paulsen’s goal is to be competitive in the A-10 and that’s what is important. It will take some time for this year’s team to come together, we no longer have the advantage of a 7-foot rebounding machine in the middle this year.

      • Petey

        I really want to know what happened with being in this early season tourney, why are we in such a shitty one? Can we blame Hewitt for this?

        • G-n-G

          Considering Mason’s won 31 games in the past three seasons and is a decade removed from its national glory, It’s amazing that they got invited to any early season tournament.

      • SkinsGMU

        I would agrue it’s more important for these guys to get some wins under their belt before A-10 play then to get beaten up by BCS schools on the road.

  • mason2004

    Open and close A-10 conference play with VCU, that’s the way it should be.

  • dsnjd1

    It is being reported by Comcast Sports.net that GW has fired Gary Lonergan. It is an unusual time to fire a coach, so there is speculation that it related to a non basketball matter. There are suggestions that it related to comments reportedly made regarding Gays?????. Huh? Well, that’s what they are saying. I’m sure more details will be revealed.

    • airgold10

      Was just going to chime in about this. Great move hiring Paulsen, Lonergan was a very close finalist from what I remember.

      • dsnjd1

        He was THE choice, until Tom O’Connor saw the chance to save is legacy by hiring Blewitt, with his” Final Four Pedigree”, and salary. We all see how that worked-out. If Lonergan was hired originally, he’d still be there, and Mason would not be re-building again..

    • gmuhoops
      • dsnjd1

        I have taken the Summer off, and have not paid attention to Mason’s program, much less any other (albeit local) competitor. I had no idea that G.W. was dealing with such problems. It may just be “Schadenfreude”, but its good to see another local program dealing with problems in their program other than Mason’s. .

  • gmu2009

    We know if any games will be broadcasted on MASN this year??