Recap of the open scrimmage


Yesterday was the annual open scrimmage at the RAC. Not a whole lot to take away considering it’s a glorified practice for the fans to watch but it is a fun first look at the team during preseason. Otis Livingston had some impressive shooting and Marquise Moore was having a good day scoring and driving to the basket. Jaire Grayer sat our with an ankle issue, doesn’t appear to be serious though.

One of the best takeaways however was Troy Temara displaying some nice low post moves. The kid plays with a lot of energy and it will interesting to see how he does in the regular season in similar situations. Ian Boyd looked confident, especially on fast breaks and it’s obvious he will be able to contribute right away this year. Also, AJ Wilson showed off his shot blocking skills that Dave Paulsen keeps raving about, however I still wouldn’t be surprised if the redshirt rumor is true because he’s still seems a bit raw.

Here is some video from the scrimmage:

  • mason2004

    After watching yesterday I think the overall shooting on this team has improved a lot, especially with Otis. Jenkins didn’t really stand out which is a little alarming considering he’s basically our only veteran big. Temara does look like he can fill that power forward or 5 spot role but he sometimes looks a bit erratic.

  • Petey

    Newman did pretty well shooting the ball as well. We could really use a knock down three-point specialists off the bench. This is still Otis and Moore’s team to run and it looks like they will still be heavily relying on the two of them for the bulk of the scoring.

  • ScottRandall

    Paulsen said in the Q&A this team is already doing things defensively that they were never able to do last year, so he expects there to be a significant defensive improvement right away. That will make a big difference this season.

    • Contee&Estesfan

      Defense? I had almost forgotten what that was.

    • SkinsGMU

      They will be better this year on defense. This season it’s less about Paulsen trying to break old habits and install his culture and more about just working on improving and growing these players. I bet we see a lot more pressure defense this season because the staff has the confidence to run it.

  • Joel1204

    Boyd is a grown ass man, I think he will be a decent rebounder for us among the guards. His ability to get to the rim is definitely ahead of his shooting right now but he is going to be something. Otis looks like he’s been working on his shot.

  • B-George

    I was impressed with Temara, he’s got some explosive ability that we have been missing in the post. He will have to work on his rebounding and defense down low but I think he’s a day 1 contributor and a future starter. Danny Dixon also had some nice jump hooks and looks like he’s gotta stronger.