106.7 The Fan talks with Dave Paulsen about the upcoming season

A nice interview from 106.7 The Fan DC with coach Dave Paulsen on the upcoming season. Paulsen discusses what the team have improved on from last year, what they still need to work on, and what are realistic goals for this season. Have a look:

  • SkinsGMU

    Great footage of Shevon Thompson LOL. Can one local media outlet not do a lazy season preview? Jesus.

    • dsnjd1

      I agree, but to show highlights from last year without Shevon would have required “work” in the editing room. Who’s going to do that for anyone but Georgetown or Maryland. It’s back to reality along with G.W., Richmond and VCU (as covered by D.C. media), and the perennial scrubs Navy, Catholic, A.U. and The Industrial and Normal School for Women in Harrisonburg (aka, Madison College).

    • Chris Hirsch

      If they avoided calling us George Washington it is likely a win.

  • Contee&Estesfan

    “Maniacally effective defensively.”
    Far out! (Yeah, I’m old. Been going to games since 1975…my freshman year). Having the D in your jersey the whole game drives opponents nuts. Love it!