Marquise Moore ‘knows who he is’


It’s great to see the program finally back in the national spotlight during this current winning streak. Today Seth Davis had a little write-up on Marquise Moore in his mailbag on after a fan asked on twitter when Moore was going to get the national recognition he deserves. No one should be overlooking him at this point because his improvement on his game this season goes far behind just rebounding the ball better. Moore is one of just 11 players to post a triple-double this season and the first player this season to post 15+ points, 15+ rebounds, and 10+ assists in a game. And then there’s this:

“Through 11 games this season, Marquise Moore is averaging 18.0 points, 10.8 rebounds and 3.7 assists. Since 1993-94, only two players have averaged 18+ points, 10.5+ rebounds and 3.5+ assists over a full college season. They are 2016 NBA Draft No. 1 pick Ben Simmons (LSU) and Jerrelle Benimon (Towson).” – via Game Notes

His rebounding numbers though are among the nations best in numerous categories and definitely the best out of anyone 6’2″ or smaller. His ability to knock down mid-range jumpers has really helped Mason’s offense be more efficient this season. He takes good shots and is distributing the ball better while not trying to force things as much. Everything he’s doing is making Mason better as a team and that’s the big point to take away. Moore isn’t just filling up the stat sheet, he’s helped to propel Mason to playing the best basketball within college basketball and the Atlantic 10.

More from Davis on Moore’s game this season:

Thanks to the magic of Synergy, I checked out some video of Moore in action. Here’s my scouting report:

I like that he knows who he is . . . For a guy who can’t make threes, he does a great job driving . . . Maybe worst shooting form I’ve seen in a while. Pushes it off his chin. Weird, snap-back follow-through. Shot is completely broken . . . Yet pretty good in the mid-range. Makes long twos. The analytics guys would hate him . . . Has wide, strong shoulders and knows how to use them to finish in traffic . . . Terrific at feeding the post, and not just from the usual spots . . . Tries to force the issue sometimes, which explains the poor assist-to-turnover ratio for a PG . . . Terrific rebounder for his size. Does it with size and leverage, but mostly pursuit. Like I said: He knows who he is.

He knows who he is, Mason’s MVP.

[Photo by Bill Bride]

[H/T @peteybuckets]

  • Matt Miles

    His play this year is infectious. It is his hustle and determination to get the ball whether rebounding or steals that teammates see and make them work even harder. It seems to me that he is leading by example. It also seems to me that Paulsen has challenged him and the other players to do more than what is expected. Teams rely on height and wing span for rebounds. To often is hustle taken for granted as a basketball skill most of the time used for the garbage player (one player who’s job is to clean the boards). With this team this year being led by Moore they are all playing like the garbage player. They are showing something that has be missing for so long from this program HEART!!!!! GO MASON!!!

  • G-n-G

    Great comment from CP. My favorite part is that Marquise doesn’t cut class. The pairing with Otis has been great for Marquise because it has allowed him to be the quiet, lead-by-example that seems most natural for him. Otis is the cheering, first-off-the-bench-to-slap-hands type and it suits his gregarious personality. Marquise is content to show everyone what you can achieve if you work hard. In that way, also, Marquise knows who he is, a sign of his quiet confidence. There’s no one style of leadership. What matters is that you’re authentic, and Marquise is that. Good for him.

  • StopWearingPurple

    If you can’t knock down the thee a long two is the next best thing. It still stretches the defense some and most teams are not used to defending it.

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