Marquise Moore continues to put up ‘mind-boggling’ stats

DSC_0715Marquise Moore seems to be on track to a first-team all-conference selection at the end of this season. His unique style for a guard his size has caught the attention of a lot of folks in the college basketball world and it’s been a fun story line to follow this season. Here is the latest ‘well how about that’ stat from the Atlantic 10’s Chris DiSano:

“Moore does all of his destruction inside the arc, making his numbers that much more impressive. He’s made exactly zero three point shots on the season, only attempting seven. He ranks sixth in the league in scoring and is the only player in the top 10 to not have made at least 20 three-point shots.”

It is amazing that Moore can continue to score at such a high level, as a guard in today’s college hoops game, without three-pointers. On top of that he’s got 50 more rebounds than the next closest A-10 competitor for the league lead in that statistic. Wow.

[Photo by Bill Bride]

  • Gamoo79

    It’s called “want to”.

  • StopWearingPurple

    With the rise of the three point shot in college ball you rarely see the mid range jumper anymore. The thought is, “take a step or two back and hoist a three”. Marquise or the coaches or both realized that he does not have three point range. The result is a reliable mid range jumper that teams are not used to defending.

    • jake21

      In snap second though I almost feel like defenders forget, even after the scouting report, that he isn’t going to take that three. He still gets guarded behind the arc and I have to wonder why sometimes. Just amazing what he’s accomplished already so far.

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