Selection Sunday Preview

Selection Sunday is now a big a national holiday for sports. When the bracket is revealed for the NCAA Tournament, pitting 68 teams in the hunt for the National Championship, it gets fan hyped up. College basketball fans and offices around the country then flock to find a bracket, fill it out, and hope in win big money prizes or just bragging rights.

Selection Sunday also sparks hours of coverage and expert analysis because once the bracket is revealed, everyone dives into the match-ups. They look at who could move on after the first round, who has the best chance of pulling off the upset, the next Cinderella, and the two teams in the title game. It consumes hours of television on ESPN and CBSSports, until the First Four takes place between four lower seeds in the field of play.

All of this makes for an exciting few hours for sports, as fans will tune in to see everything unfold. It’s arguably one of the most dramatic parts of TV for sports too, especially for the schools on the bubble. They wonder if they’ll make it into the field and see how high their seeds will be. For some, it provides heartbreak, while others celebrate on being in the tournament.

Selection Sunday process can sometimes drag, however, and many criticize that the RPI carries too much weight. This leads to lots of disagreement about who should be in or out. The actual Selection Sunday Show expanded to two hours in 2016, which spaced out the announcement of all four regions. It added unnecessary drama to something that had plenty of entertainment to it as it is. We’ll see if they go forward with this in 2017, which could lead to more criticism on how Selection Sunday is presented. To follow along with Selection Sunday 2017, it can be seen on Sunday, March 12 with all 68 teams being announced. Who will make it into the NCAA Tournament?