Marquise Moore rejects 6’9″ TJ Cline

This deserved it’s own post. 6’2″ Marquise Moore, who rebounds and plays much bigger, got the best of Richmond’s TJ Cline (6’9″) yesterday on this particular possession. Moore continues to amaze us this season and it’s aggressive plays like this that have allowed George Mason to do so well with guard-heavy lineups.

Here’s the video:

  • Gunston98


  • gmusigs

    Another co-player of the week award for him also

  • Grad2003

    How many guards who average as many points as he does have more blocked shots than three-pointers? He’s got to be alone on that stat. Just crazy.

  • adam2405

    All those double-doubles shows how much effort he puts into every game. He’s A-10 POY so far if you ask me.