Revolutionary Beat Down


George Mason has yet to beat George Washington since joining the Atlantic 10 and last night they were blown out at home by the Colonials. The officiating was pretty awful and made the game nearly unwatchable but Mason still was not able to get anything going on offense all night or make any stops on defense. GW connected on 11-of-19 three-pointers and denied Mason in the paint all night. On both ends of the court Mason looked frustrated and let their early mistakes dictate the rest of their game. They would go on runs to close to gap within single digits but then the Colonials would respond with a three-pointer or easy basket inside each time it seemed. Mason also had trouble defending GW’s bigger players Tyler Cavanaugh and Yuta Watanabe who seemed to score at ease inside.

Marquise Moore picked up his 13th double-double on the season with 15 points and 10 rebounds but no assists. The team as a whole finished with only five assists on the night as we saw a ton of one-on-one situations and forced shots on offense. They missed easy at-the-rim baskets and left points on the table at the free-throw line. It was an ugly night all around for the offense. Otis Livingston II had a much better night shooting the ball then he’s had over the last two weeks and finished with 17 points.

The teams lack of size and depth was largely exposed in this game and it wasn’t the first time we’ve seen that this season. As soon as Jalen Jenkins got into early foul trouble the wheels started to fall off for Mason. Late in the second half Dave Paulsen even resorted to the five guard lineup again and GW essentially scored at will during that stretch. Again though, what choice did Paulsen have? Troy Temara and Daniel Relvao continue to look like work-in-progress front court players and are limited on offense at this point. It’s extremely difficult to mount a comeback with either one of these guys on the court for an extended period of time.


Freshmen Justin Kier, Ian Boyd, and Karmari Newman played a lot of minutes in this game and are all improving as the season goes on but they needed one of them to get hot last night. That didn’t happen. However, I really like Newman’s intensity on both ends and he’s definitely striding to become a big contributor in the future for this team.

The problem is they give up a lot of size with certain lineups that contain these guys and teams like GW who have length can take advantage. It’s not to say they can’t beat bigger teams, they’ve done so this season, but not when they give up that many three-pointers and easy baskets inside. Last night they needed their defense to step up and make stops and help fuel their offense. Instead they allowed GW to score a season-high 87 points.

The sloppy execution, especially in the first half of most home games, seems to be a recurring theme this year. They play with such a different mentality on the road and can’t seem to replicate that at home for whatever reason.

Quote from Marquise Moore:

“We have a different mind-set on the road,” senior guard Marquise Moore said. “We’re more locked in, more focused. We’re tough on the road because it’s just us out there. When we come out at home, sometimes we come out flat. I’m not really sure why. We’ve got to change that — quick.”

[Photos by Bill Bride]

  • Chris Hirsch

    The home struggles are mystifying. Ah, I pine for the halcyon days of home domination under Coach L.

    Also, hard to call something a rivalry when the results are so one sided.

    At least Mason’s next two games are the on road!

    • WB

      Probably helps when you’re playing against CAA teams, too.

      • Chris Hirsch

        Some truth to that, although the A-10 is basically hot garbage this year.

  • adam2405

    What a let down, I was excited to see them follow up that win against Richmond. What a weird season, I don’t understand why they play so bad at home.

  • masonfan014

    They have to play perfect to beat bigger teams like this because the match-up is awful for them. They could really use some length on the wings. Having said that what was with the constant one on one battles, remembered me of Hewitt-ball

  • Gunston98

    I hate blaming refs but they totally controlled the tempo of that game. It seemed like everything we did was a foul! Both teams statistically didn’t foul much heading into this one and there was 47 fouls in the game! It was ticky-tack bullshit all night

  • Gamoo79

    Seems most folks agree that Tamara and Relvao are cement mixers masquerading as basketball players. If so, I have two questions…Why did DP recruit them? And did he see something there that he feels he can develop? If not, they’re going to be taking up two valuable slots for the next three years. I’m a bit concerned.

    • StopWearingPurple

      Same here, especially when Jenkins and Moore graduate at the end of the year. I just keep telling myself not to get ahead of things. For example, Mason really looked bad the first couple of games this season but it has been night and day ever since. Maybe next year we’ll be saying, “remember when Tamara and Relvao looked liked like busts?”

      • Gamoo79

        I hope so!!