Saint Louis downs Mason in double OT

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George Mason lost to Saint Louis yet again last night, 76-74 on a last second bucket in double overtime. It was a heartbreaking loss even despite the fact that Mason didn’t play well for most of the game. Marquise Moore was not himself and they had to go without him for most of the second half and the overtime periods due to an illness. Otis Livingston II picked up the lack and had one of his best shooting nights of his career. He went 10-for-15 from the field and was 5-of-7 on three-pointers. Jalen Jenkins had a tough time getting going in the post with the fact that the refs were really letting both teams play, especially late in the game. But where they lost this game was on defense as they allowed the Billikens wide open looks most of the┬ánight. Yes, they only made 8-of-28 from behind the arch but rotations were just bad last night and it led to a lot of opportunity for Saint Louis.


Reggie Agbeko out-worked Mason for the second time this season and created problems in the front court. It just comes down to the fact that Mason just doesn’t do well when Jenkins and Moore are limited. They really struggled on both ends in the second half without Moore. Karmari Newman didn’t play, for whatever reason, and they certainly could have used him on the defensive end last night. Kameron Murrell saw some action instead but he isn’t as good of a defender and went 0-for-4. Even with Livingston’s heroics they still couldn’t escape with a win, which is a little alarming when you think about this team next season without Moore. They need better play from their bench and they need more consistent shooters each night. Grayer had 16 points but needed 18 shots to get there. Also starter Justin Kier isn’t much of an offensive weapon but is out there because of his ball-handling and court vision. With that being said they need more production from their bench if that’s going to be the case each night.

Mason continues the win-loss pattern in conference play and falls to 4-5 in the A-10. Lately they have been losing the rebounding and free-throw line battles that gave them early success in the year. Lack of depth has been an issue and it often leaves them with a razor thin margin of error threshold each game. Last night was a big example of this as they struggled while being short-handed.

  • Gunston98

    Yeah we can’t win without Moore being more of a factor. Hopefully he’s back for Saturday’s game. I guess with our flip flopping wins and losses we should beat La Salle at home right?

    • Chris Hirsch

      Something is going to have to give because we’re terrible at home, what will prevail!?!?

  • Days of Yates

    Gut-wrenching loss. Seemed like every shot rolled off the rim for us while it dropped in the bucket for them (including of course the last shot of the game). OT3 was the man last night, but I kept wondering why it seems to be an either/or proposition: either he is lighting it up or Marquise is, but not both. I know about Moore’s illness, but still. As for Jalen, I think the “let ’em play” approach from the refs is not helpful, because he seems to have gotten the message that we absolutely cannot afford to have him in foul trouble. So he’s going to hold back a little even if his opponent isn’t. The announcers kept saying we are not a good 3-shooting team, but I disagree, and we demonstrated that last night. We are good at the open 3. The contested 3, not so much (save for OT3, did I mention he was the man last night??). So were they, and as Ryan said, we were not covering their shooters so well and paid the price. The difference seemed to me to be our sudden inability to drive to the hoop. Guys like Grayer and Murrell and Newman are working their jump shots and will get better, but on a night like this where Moore is under the weather, someone needs to step up and attack in the paint. Toward the end of the game (3 of those “endings” last night!) the Billikens seemed unafraid about Mason penetrating in, and open shots became scarce (forcing OT3 to make great contested shots, did I mention he was the man last night?).

    • Days of Yates

      Okay, it’s OTII, where’d I get it in my head that he was a 3rd??

  • mason2004

    It seems every other game they are awful at closing out on shooters, just no consistency on defense. These guys play their asses off but they have to do everything right in order to win. Tough to replicate that each game.

  • gmusigs

    The fact that Otis was playing out of his mind and we lost in 2 OTs is troubling. The team is just missing a few pieces at the moment and that’s not to say Paulsen isn’t doing a great job because he is. It’s just a tough situation given the limitations of the roster right now.

  • Cruz108

    Starting to scratch my head on why Kier plays so many minutes, he makes a ton of mistakes each game and isn’t a great defender. He also has the slowest release on his jump shot I’ve ever seen.

  • Gamoo79

    So frustrating. We’ve had two perfect opportunities to go over .500 in the A10 for the first time ever and blew it both times. I agree, we have to be clicking on all cylinders (especially Marquise and Jalen) to win. Our margin of error is very small.

    As far as next year goes, Boyd could develop into the next Marquise (of course he might not too), Mar could be a horse, and Wilson may be the dependable shooter we have lacked since the “Days of Yates”. And our sophs will be juniors.
    I believe coach Dave will have us in the top tier of the league one of these days. BUT, if it weren’t for TOC and Hewitt we might already be there, a la VCU.