George Mason shows no quit but doesn’t have enough against Dayton


George Mason missed a big opportunity for another quality road win on the season but lost the battle last night against Dayton. They were undone by turnovers as Dayton scored 29 points off Mason’s 17 turnovers. Marquise Moore and Jalen Jenkins didn’t have the big games we are used to seeing and Mason struggled offensively for the beginning of the game. They battled back and fought to grab a lead shortly in the second half by sticking to attacking the rim and out-rebounding the Flyers. Defense became an issue as Mason was sending Dayton to the free-throw line far too often and struggling to make shots themselves on the other end. Moore, Livingston, and Grayer were a combined 11-for-35 from the field, despite Grayer having a solid second half. Grayer finished with a career-high 13 rebounds and also added 13 points but it wasn’t enough. I would say it’s pretty difficult for Mason to win a game like this with Moore and Livingston only going to the free-throw line for seven combined attempts.

Moore DAYPositive takes from the game is that Mason didn’t quit and showed a lot of toughness. At one point Dayton went on a 20-0 run, which Mason then responded with a 13 point run of their own. They didn’t deviate from their game plan, something they will definitely need to remember in the Atlantic 10 tournament. Dayton did a great job defensively last night and didn’t let Marquise Moore get going. They fought Mason hard in the paint and didn’t give any easy baskets. Unlike most other opponents they did so without constantly fouling the Patriots and that took away a ton of opportunity last night. Dayton is the best team in the A-10 this year and the best team based on defensive efficiency. Having said that there were certain stretches during the second half where it looked like Mason had a chance to pull off the upset and I like that. But in the end this was another example of how Mason needs their top 4 guys to be efficient on offense each night collectively or else they don’t stand much of a chance against the league’s best.

  • Gamoo79

    Heartened by the effort. Disappointed by the results.
    Again, we just don’t have quite the horses…yet.
    A ten win league and 20 overall record is still very realistic, imho.
    Regardless, this has been a fun year and gives me hope that even better days are to come.

    • StopWearingPurple

      Based on the recap it sounded like Mason played very hard but Dayton just had a little more talent.

      • ricandersen

        Dayton has a lot more talent (not a “little more”).

        I mean this in a positive light. We played a top-40 team, and gave them a battle. We were within one point halfway through the second half. There are such things as good losses, and both Dayton and Rhode Island were good losses, where we stuck around against solid teams.

        This season is a success. Period. Grab a first round bye (already done), and beat LaSalle in the second round, and I’m happier than I’ve been in the last five years.

  • gmusigs

    Everything had to go right for us to beat Dayton and that certainly didn’t happen. After watching last night it really makes me wonder how next year will go without Moore/Jenkins, we weren’t good with them being limited

    • Gamoo79

      I know what you mean, but this is college. Every team has to rebuild to some extent or another every year. In a couple of years we’ll probably be saying “what are we going to do without Otis or Jaire”.
      We may have some up and down years due to graduation (since we can’t just reload like UNC, Duke, or Kansas) but I think long term we’ll be fine…as long as we have coach Dave, or someone like him.

    • Masonfan01

      They have to attack the rim and get open threes consistently in order to win games like this in my opinion. They only did one of those well and they lost. Wasn’t their best performance on defense either but Dayton is extremely athletic and difficult to guard. Hoping this battle just gets them ready for Pittsburgh and they understand what it takes to win in that tourney.

  • mason2004

    It’s games like this where I feel like the team is too reliant on free-throws and getting the other team in foul trouble. This is back to back games were the calls didn’t go their way and it hurt the offense. They need more low post scoring from Jenkins and back door cuts to the basket from the guards I feel

  • Days of Yates

    Hats off to a Dayton defense that looked like it studied what we do and did something about it. They didn’t really shut us down, but dulled us down, making our shots more difficult, blocking shots, clogging the lane, reducing us to one-on-one attempts to score. Our jump-shooting would have been a cure, but it was not there. Livingston especially seems to be streaky these days. And the Dayton shooting was clearly in sync with the hometown rims. I make it sound like they completely blew us out, and for a while they might have done that, but overall we went toe to toe with them pretty well. Their 20-0 run was just a blur, like they knew the words to the song and we didn’t. Our retaliation run towards the end of the game is yet another indicator of how we can wear teams down later in the game, even a deeper team like the Flyers. I’m still optimistic we can finish strong!

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