George Mason will be the 7th seed in the Atlantic 10 tournament

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George Mason fell to VCU yesterday on the road 72-60 to end the regular season and will be the 7th seed in the Atlantic 10 tournament. Once again they are slated to start the tournament off against Fordham (10 seed) with the winner playing VCU. The good news is this is the first year in the A-10 that Mason will most likely advance to a further round but the bad news they will have to go through VCU to get to the semifinals. The tournament gives Mason a fresh start, which they need at this point, and will give them another chance to play with a do-or-die attitude. Hopefully these last few games have shown them what they need to work on most before the tournament begins.

Yesterday’s game was another reminder how much of a bad matchup VCU is for Mason this year and how they struggle to guard longer players on the wings. Despite the matchup issue, Mason isn’t exactly hot in any other area heading into the conference tournament. They’ve struggled on three-point shooting and have been turning over the ball at a high rate lately. The offense has lacked any sort of rhythm. They are still aggressively attacking the paint but team’s are aware of this at this point and we are seeing a lot of offensive fouls and blocked shots.

The simple fact is they won’t go anywhere in the tournament if they continue to turn the ball over and struggle to hit any three-pointers. They were once hot from behind the arc at the start of A-10 play but Otis Livingston II and Jaire Grayer has really been inconsistent fro there to end the season. With limited presence from the front court they need to shoot the ball better from there or get to the free-throw line a ton. The free-throw line is still a big part of their offense as they are a much more successful when they make 15+ attempts from there in a contest. They will have to find a way to recreate some of the success they had earlier in conference play where they were simply out-hustling other teams. The extra effort and energy is a must for them in Pittsburgh.

Time to burn your boats.

  • G-n-G

    Looking forward to the tourney, especially with Mason having earned the right to skip playing on Wednesday. Will be interesting to see if the staff adds any wrinkles to make those drives or drive-and-kicks easier now that teams are loading up for them. Last season Mason saw zone because they couldn’t shoot over it. This time (like VCU’s 2-3 yesterday) they see it to stop drives. How will Mason adjust? That’s what I’ll be looking for from them in Pittsburgh.

    In the big picture, can’t let it pass without saying how impressive this season has been. Before the season I hoped for .500 overall record and .500 in conference. I got the latter and more than got the former thanks to that 9-game winning streak. Long teams (VCU, GW, Towson) give this team fits but expect that to be less of a problem next year. Expect several of the freshmen to make the Otis/Jaire leap in the second year. Even though there are still games to be played this year, there is a lot, lot, lot to look forward to next season.

    • Chris Hirsch

      Yeah, I’m not sure what to expect next year, and how the team will handle losing Marquise and Jalen. Will be interesting.

      • Gamoo79

        I think replacing Jenkins will be easier than replacing Moore. Jenkins had a freshman year that had “future stud” written all over it. He digressed his sophomore and junior years and kinda picked it back up this year. Still, too many fouls and fumble fingers.

        I like Otis and Grayer, but since neither will replace Moore’s tenacity inside, they had better pick it up shooting from outside. Otis still is not a top flight PG…too many turnovers and falls down too much when pressed by a good pressure team (see VCU).

        I fully expect coach Dave too keep us moving in the right direction, but there are definitely some “who will step up next?” questions out there.

  • StopWearingPurple

    One seed higher and the first game would have likely been against St. Louis.

  • Gamoo79

    We kinda owe Fordam a couple don’t we? Let’s Go Patriots!

  • Chris Hirsch

    I’m not willing to say we will probably beat anybody right now. Going to be in for a battle on Thursday, hopefully can take at least one game in Pittsburgh.

    • Gamoo79

      Me either. We are not playing well at all.

  • Gamoo79

    Marquise’s snub is unbelievable. Not only not POY, but not even 1st team.
    I don’t think I would want to be the guy guarding him for Fordham tomorrow.