2017 recruit Greg Calixte to visit George Mason


With three players transferring, Dave Paulsen has some spots to fill this summer. And with that 2017 big man Greg Calixte, a 6’9″ 230 lb forward from Mount Vernon, NY will take an official visit to George Mason on April 7th.

Mason has a real need for some size the in front court with the departure of Jalen Jenkins. Calixte is raw in a lot of areas but has the measurables of the type of player Paulsen tends to bring in and develop. He has offers from several other schools but an upcoming visit is a good sign Mason is in the top of the running for his services. I doubt he would be a day 1 contributor but Mason is in need of some size and strength inside and Calixte can provide that.

  • Gunston98

    We definitely need some bigs to develop, jury still out on Relvao and Temara. Paulsen does seem to have a history of developing forwards so I hope that’s what he’s doing.

  • Gamoo79

    As they say, “you can’t teach size”. But, you can develop it. With three openings, I’m glad to see coach going after size. Still, please Dave, get us a strong- with -the -ball PG.
    Thanks for listening 🙂

  • Jim Green

    We need size, but mid major schools need lights out three point scorers. We have never had that. One big, one three point scorer, and a legit point guard. At this time of year I can still dream.

  • Days of Yates

    Haven’t we successfully recruited previous players from this high school?

    • gmuhoops

      Yes this is where Sherrod Wright went to HS

      • dsnjd1

        In the “old is new again” department, Anthony Grant, Mason’s old rival as coach of Virginia Criminal University has landed on his feet after being fired from Alabama. He is back at Dayton, where her starred in college in the Eighties, as their new head coach.

  • dsnjd1

    Here’s a head scratcher……at least to me….Georgetown hires NBA Hall of Famer and Georgetown Alum Patrick Ewing to be heir new coach. Every coach they have hired in almost the last forty years has been within the John Thompson coaching tree: John Thompson, of course, followed by Craig Esherick,, his long time assistant coach , JT III, his son (with head coaching experience at Princeton) and now Ewing who has NO college OR pro head coaching experience. I’ve heard suggestions that there was real fear of losing D.C. area recruits was the motivation.

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