Goanar Mar shows off his game at the Capital Classic

Screenshot 2017-04-09 07.09.57Incoming freshman Goanar Mar played with some of the nation’s best recruits Saturday at the 2017 Capital Classic and made his mark. He made his presence known among Power 5 school recruits with steals, blocks, and rebounds here and there. He definitely proved he belonged and he show-cased his defensive skills early. Here is a big time block he had to break up a 2 on 1 fast break:


When I asked Dave Paulsen about Mar a couple of weeks ago he said that he would exclusively be playing on the wing and not inside. Mason has needed a playmaker on the wing for quite some time and Mar looks like he will have a big impact on both ends there. His size at that spot and the ability to hit three-pointers will be a huge complement to Mason’s returning players next season.

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  • dsnjd1

    A little history about The Capital Classic for all you millennials. There was a time when it was a VERY BIG DEAL. It was the second major East Coast high school all star game, and used to compete with the “Dapper Dan” classic in Pittsburgh for players as the game was originally plated on the same night.(????) When it started in 1974 their first “big star” was the late Moses Malone (RIP), who was to put it mildly a little “academically challenged” and reportedly had a hard time attaining the minimum SAT (800…?) score to enter Maryland who he had given his letter of commitment to. The ABA on a struggle for survival signed Malone and the rest is history. Now high school kids regularly jump directly from high school to the Pros, and its no big deal. In 79′ or 80′ the game was “special” when the game featured Ralph Sampson…on the D.C (Sampson was from Harrisonburg, Va…so they stretched the definition of the D.C. metro area for the game) . squad and Sam Bowie U.S. All Stars…Sampson of course went on to play with U.Va. and Bowie with Kentucky. Now with NBA players regularly entering the pros directly from High School all the time the game is no big deal and like this year, has hard time filling smaller arenas like G.W.’s Smith Center.

  • Gamoo79

    Love the court vision, quick reaction time, and athleticism.
    Could be a special player!