Dedicated practice facility will be ready for the start of 2017-18


The dedicated practice facility for the George Mason basketball program, that has been under discussion for some time, is finally under construction. Today the school issued a release saying the dedicated facility will be ready by November for the start of the 2017-18 season:

“The Basketball Excellence Plan, which also includes a complete overhaul of the teams’ locker rooms at EagleBank Arena, is an important step toward making Mason more attractive for top recruits within the increasingly competitive national landscape.

“Although we haven’t yet realized the entire fundraising goal, we have hit the threshold to begin construction, which is more than 50 percent of the total budget,” said Edwards. “It is critical that we have the practice facility project completed before the start of the basketball season in November. In the basketball-driven Atlantic 10 Conference, it is imperative that our basketball teams have a dedicated space to develop and compete.

This is great news considering Dave Paulsen is already starting to have more success on the recruiting trails. The facility gives the team a chance to better market themselves in the competitive DC area recruiting scene and provide 24/7 court access to the current players. In the past, practices and workouts had to be scheduled around other teams using the facilities or the availability of EagleBank Arena.

  • Gamoo79

    So what was wrong with the old gym at the end of Ring Rd. that wasn’t even half a ring where you didn’t even have to show a student ID to just walk into a game for free?
    Ah, the good old days!! 😁

    • dsnjd1

      Mason always had problems with misleading street names…..”Patriots Circle” was more accurately “Patriots Semi-Circle” for years.

  • dsnjd1

    The time to have acted on a dedicated practice facility was in the immediate post Final Four Days…I guess TOC, Merten AND Coach L, ALL bear the blame for that. There was some talk of building a practice facility in those “heady” post-Final Four Days (remember those?), but I knew that possibility was foreclosed when “The Virus” praised the current facilities and deemed them “adequate”. The ultimate “damning with faint praise”.

    • dsnjd1

      If anyone is interested there is a video tour of the VCU basketball training center online, including a tour conducted by two female players (with a “guest appearance” by to members of their final four squad). . It shows a theater, weight room, training rooms, whirl pools, Air hockey and Ballard tables, all accessed by a state-of-the-art finger print activated security system (Apparently the facilities are open to certain athletes, and not the general student population.). All very visually impressive, but truthfully and practically it not really more than Mason has, or will have shortly upon completion of renovations to current facilities. Plus when you consider the high school gymnasium atmosphere of “The Siegel Center”, I would think the overall facilities at Mason are at least equal if not superior to those of RPI….err, VCU rather.