Kenner Leage update

AJ Wilson, Otis Livingston, and Jaire Grayer all played in Kenner summer league action at Georgetown over the weekend. Wilson continues show his ability to play at a high level on both ends of the court. He had this big block on Saturday:

AJ Kenner block

And this dunk:

@showmelovestan13 to @_asw2_ @kennerleague #since1981 #kennerleague

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Meanwhile Otis and Grayer had some of their best shooting of the summer on Sunday:


Here are the rest of the box scores for the weekend:

Capture1 Capture2 Capture3

  • mkaufman1

    16-0 in A10 here we come (and even Hirsch would agree with me!)

    • Chris Hirsch


      • mkaufman1

        Please note to anyone reading our commentary, we are just being silly and both of us are legit excited about the team.

        • Chris Hirsch

          No, I am serious. I want a Kenner League banner.

  • gmusigs

    Very excited to see how they utilize AJ this season, if he keeps improving his jumper, I think he’ll be a great option as a stretch 4

  • SkinsGMU

    I was there on Sunday, AJ looked good running the court and was hitting some 3’s. He needs to add some bulk to his frame but the kid has a big upside. I could see him maybe playing at the 3 spot also.

  • dsnjd1

    Do you believe that Georgetown University used to play all their home games on that same floor where the Kenner Summer League game is being held until the mid-eighties? With the bleachers pulled-out “MacDonough Gymnasium seats sits around 2000.

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