All the best Kenner League highlights of Mason players so far

Screenshot 2017-07-23 16.13.29

Here is a collection of highlights I put together from action through this past weekend (July 30) of Otis Livingston II, Jaire Grayer and AJ Wilson at Kenner Summer League. Spoiler alert: AJ Wilson is incredibly fun to watch.

Here is Otis with a nice dish to Mason legend Will Thomas (’08):

Otis to W Thomas Kenner

Anyone who has seen Otis play this past two seasons are familiar with this drive to the basket:

Otis layup 7-23 Kenner

A nifty pass inside from Otis:

Otis pass 7-16 Kenner

AJ Wilson with a serious rejection. Calling him a ‘rim-protector’ might be an understatement:

AJ Wilson 7-14 Kenner big block

A few other block AJ blocks:

AJ Kenner block 7-30 AJ Kenner block

Some AJ dunks, boy can he fly:

AJ Wilson 7-14 Kenner dunk

AJ Kenner dunk 7-30

Oh yea, he can also shoot threes:

AJ Wilson 7-8 Kenner three

Jaire Grayer has been having a good summer shooting the ball:

Grayer 7-8 Kenner jumper

Grayer three 7-16 Kenner

And attacking the basket:

Grayer and1 7-23 Kenner Grayer Kenner dunk 7-30

The season cannot get here soon enough. And yes the game at Louisville has finally been confirmed along with the rest of the non-conference opponents.