Jordan Miller commits to George Mason, first of 2018 class

C-Og6HHXcAAhhqlDave Paulsen was one of the first Division I coaches after the Loudoun Valley standout Jordan Miller. It paid off after an official visit this weekend as the 6’4″ wing committed to George Mason on Saturday afternoon.

This is a great pickup and start to the 2018 recruiting class for Dave Paulsen and his staff. He was a bit of unknown to most because he doesn’t play on the “shoe circuit” leagues. However, Paulsen did his homework on the kid and most seem to think he has the potential to be something great at Mason. Paulsen found sleepers like Miller time and time again while at Bucknell and certainly has gotten the most out of his players so far while at Mason. A solid combo guard who can also play on the wing will be needed with Otis Livingston II and Jaire Grayer’s senior year’s not too far away.

Here is a great writeup in the Washington Post back in February about Miller trying to diversity his offensive game during his junior season.

Also here is another writeup about his game from October 2016:

Jordan Miller was the leading scorer for the 26-1 Loudoun Valley Vikings last year. The 6-foot-4 wing, who absolutely could not be kept out of the paint last year, averaged 16 points per game as a sophomore. After breaking out in a big way, Miller could take his game to another level this year.

“I’m a left hand slasher. I like to drive to the lane,” said Miller, who started playing competitive basketball in fifth grade. “I can shoot a little bit on the outside but mostly slash and get rebounds.”

Miller is a long-limbed athlete who likes to get up and down. He rebounds particularly well out of his position, and is learning to put the ball on the floor and use his off hand.

“I need to work on going right,” Miller stated. “So far, no one has stopped me going left. But right is gonna be a good tool in college.”

  • TonyD

    Love the local recruiting by Paulsen, delivering on his promise. Miller will learn under Otis/Grayer/Boyd/Kier and hopefully reach his potential.

    • Grad2003

      Hopefully Boyd and Kier continue to get better on three-point shooting. Kier certainly had his moments from there last year but this recruiting class will need a solid shooter as well.

  • SkinsGMU

    Seems like a high ceiling kid whose best years will come during junior/senior years in college. Paulsen did wonders in a short period with Moore, can’t wait to see how this class turns out.

    • Days of Yates

      It does make you wonder whether the advent of the rebounding guard that Marquis started could be an ongoing thing with this new kid…

  • mason2004

    Reminds me of Cam Long, always need a long, versatile kid in the back court. Especially in the A-10. Looks like he still has to develop his jumper though.

  • Gamoo79

    Would love to see Paulsen settle in at Mason at do what John Thompson did at Gtown in the ’70s and ’80s. Only this time it would be George MASON, instead of George-town.

  • Ryan Noel

    He does play for an AAU Team, He plays for the D1SA Spartans based out of Leesburg. Good program led by Eric Williams who is very close to Jordan.

    • gmuhoops

      I misread this tweet and what he means it seems

      Thanks for the heads up though

      • gmusigs

        So that just means his AAU team didn’t play on a circuit sponsored by Nike, Adidas, etc?

        • Grad2003

          Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour host the final tournaments for the top AAU teams during the NCAA evaluation period for coaches to observe. His team must not have been a part of that circuit.

  • gmusigs

    Seems like he will play the 2 or 3 spot. Definitely a slasher and not a three-point shooter at this point by looking at his high school stats per game . If Paulsen got Moore to establish any kind of jumper I no doubt he can develop this kid over time.

    • Jovon

      Miller can do it all, very capable outside shooter/ midrange. Passing and shooting finishing at the rim are his best qualities. Once he add size he will be a force to reckoned with. Watch this highlight clip vs BWSL Nike EYBL. Played against top player in the country.

      • Joel1204

        Awesome find, I didn’t see a whole lot of video of his long range shooting. Thanks for sharing this.

  • ChrisC

    Hey Ryan, how come you haven’t mentioned De’Andre Abram leaving the program yet?

    What are your thoughts on Paulsen’s recruiting? Like 75% of his recruits have transferred out. Isn’t that alarming? Or is it because of a 2-3 year transition period??

    Eric Lockett
    DeAndre Abram
    Isaiah Jackson
    Kameron Murrell
    Therence Mayimba
    Danny Dixon
    Trey Porter
    Troy Temara
    Kamari Newman have all left… Granted all but two are Juniors that came in his first season as HC.

    • gmuhoops

      I wrote about the Abram with the other transfers Murrell and Dixon here, that was announced all at the same time:

      The roster turnover isn’t alarming to me. Paulsen came in and had a ton of holes to fill in the middle of a recruiting period. It was inevitable that some guys were going to get recruited over once Paulsen and his staff fully had time to ramping up recruiting.

      Also remember Mayimba never became eligible so that’s not on the current staff.

      Only weird thing is the timing of Temara and Newman transferring. Came so late in the summer and now the team only has 9 scholarship guys. Not ideal, but their core is still intact. But in the end it’s a transition process that is still on-going. Things should be more stable over the next two seasons and we don’t graduate any players this year.

      • ChrisC

        Apologizes on the DeAndre transfer. I must have missed it. I hope things are more stable for GMU this year. I feel like we missed the momentum generated by 2006 Final Four and didn’t/couldn’t keep up with VCU’s velocity. GMU could have been a “regional” (?!?!) house hold name, like VCU.

        • dsnjd1

          VCU has lost their last two coaches to bigger name programs.Their replacement is once again “within the Shaka Smart Coaching” tree. Smart. Unlike Mason which chased the big BCS name. The Mason program has yet to recover from that poor decision.

    • dsnjd1

      Wasn’t Trey Porter part of the last recruiting class of the Virus rather than one of Paulsen’s gee’ whiz “White Men Can’t Jump” Hoosier types?

      • ScottRandall

        Porter played for Mason in ’14-’15 and then transferred to ODU.

        • dsnjd1

          So he WAS a recruit of the “Virus”, …recruited with old on stories of past NCAA appearances and NBA careers of his past recruits ….so his transfer is not unexpected when the reality of “where he actually was” and “what his true talent level was” actually set in. .

        • dsnjd1

          He was a Hewitt recruit then….sold a bill of goods….that playing for Hewitt would lead to the NBA because he had put several players in the NBA at Georgia Tech. you gotta’ know that’s what Hewitt pushed (ie. sold to parents) either implictly or explicitedly….

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