I’m loving George Mason’s new unis for 2017-18





So what do you think?

  • masonfan014

    I really like it, something different and with a bit more flash. Looks a little like one of Marquettes old designs but I just love the green and gold stripes

  • Grad2003

    Love the shorts, a bit more flash but still a clean look. Still wish they had the names on the back though.

  • SkinsGMU

    Would really like to see the “George” back on the front but the whole the marketing move to brand “Mason” is starting to grow on me.

    • dsnjd1

      Yeah..lol ..and I found an inexhaustible supply of “Mason” merchandise on-line as the “Society of Free Masons” (You know the guys behind that tall building…The Masonic Temple in Alexandria) As also have adopted the “Mason” their monlker. Uh’, and they HAD IT FIRST!

  • Days of Yates

    I do like them, but I wish the shooting star logo would show up somewhere on the uniforms. As you can see by my fantasy football helmet, I’m kinda partial to the thing, but also I like to see the logo “out there” as much as possible. Team recognition — Branding, you know. πŸ™‚

  • dsnjd1

    In “sort of” Mason News, Rick Potino ‘s National Championship and Luke Hancock’s MOP award from the Final Four both seem to be at risk. Pitino always reminded me of Al Pacino’s character in “Any Given Sunday” lol I guess the truth is not too far from the fiction. A little schaden fruede anyone?

    • Days of Yates

      I heard our name mentioned by Louisville’s new coach, talking about the need to focus past the scandal and get ready for their first opponent, which I presume is us.

  • StopWearingPurple

    Nice look. Plus the green on white numbers will be much easier to see.

  • Leedy1896

    What’s the scouting report on Nick Diclementi?