Daniel Relvao leaves program for personal reasons, leaves team with 8 scholarship players


Four days from the season opener and today we have news that redshirt sophomore Daniel Relvao is leaving the program. I was told he is leaving for personal and family concerns and this loss leaves Mason basketball with just eight scholarship players heading into the season. Mason was already paper thin at his position and although I predicted freshman Greg Calixte would most likely be the guy this year, this doesn’t leave the team in great shape.

Calixte will be thrown into the fire and AJ Wilson will without a doubt have to play often and early up front. Fellow freshman Goanar Mar was brought on to be more of a wing/perimeter player but now at 6’7″ he may be forced to play at more spots. The team is now the only Atlantic 10 squad that doesn’t have anyone over 6’8″.

Defensively Mason is going to struggle big team trying to defend the post. Four guards are going to be a default rotation and Dave Paulsen is really going to have to scheme to beat certain teams this season. Not a whole lot changes on offense as Paulsen was already going to rely heavily on guards Otis Livingston II, Jaire Grayer, Justin Kier, and Ian Boyd.

I don’t know if there’s a move to make this close to the season starting, perhaps they find someone with some size to come in as another walk-on. My fear is foul trouble and how it could kill a rotation. AJ Wilson and Calixte are freshmen and are going to get into foul trouble from time to time and if it happens early, how will that hurt the flow of the rest of the game?

Even if Relvao was still with the team, I preferred the four guard lineup this year because it simply is playing to the team’s strengths. The guards I mentioned earlier were already going to be responsible for the scoring this year but now it’s other areas that will be even more a concern.

Certainly going to be an interesting season.

  • mason2004

    I don’t think it’s a big loss, he most likely was going to see 6-8 minutes a game. Wilson, Mar, Calixte are all better. Only eight scholarship guys is dicey though, worry about an injury crushing this season though

  • Joel1204

    Relvao was just a big body, we were going to struggle in the post anyway. Paulsen will certainly have to solve this issue by committee. If our guards are playing lights out there it doesn’t matter, when they aren’t we could be exposed

  • TonyD

    Season long eight man rotation it would seem, maybe Zach Garrett plays some. Just have to hope they don’t get worn down. Grayer/Otis well conditioned at this point.

  • Days of Yates

    Just don’t know what we’re going to do when the situation calls for a “big body” in the paint. Is there someone looking to transfer this late, and would NCAA rules allow?

  • mkaufman1

    Its losing the guy who was probably 9th man in the rotation, but you never know when you need the 9th man for 2-5 minutes (or more) a game to just help give other guys a break.

    Little margin for error this year up front, but hopefully they’ll be able to adjust around the weakness.

  • Chris Hirsch

    Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!

  • Chris Hirsch

    In all seriousness, season could be very similar to last season, we start hot, then as conference play goes on, we wear down and have very little left for the conference tournament.

  • dsnjd1

    Is it too late to go back to the CAA?