George Mason erases 4-point deficit to beat JMU in final 10 seconds


Ian Boyd had a step back three-pointer with 7 seconds remaining while Goanar Mar was being fouled underneath the basket. Mar sank the two clutch free-throws and Mason was on top to seal the victory. Mar has now made his last 25 straight free-throw attempts. Crazy finish to game that looked like Mason wasΒ in danger of losing after a first half with 10 turnovers and some early foul trouble. It was another game were we didn’t see this group of young players give up and they fought to the end.

Once again they played a better second half than the first, a recurring theme so far this season. Otis Livingston II paced the team with 17 points, 8 assists, and 6-for-6 from the free-throw line. Grayer was on fire early, a one time scoring 10 straight points, but cooled in the second half. He had eight rebounds in the first half but only two the rest of the game. Mar didn’t miss a shot in 30 minutes of playing time on his way to 14 points and Boyd had one of his better games of the season hitting some big shots and key rebounds.

The bench had a much more productive night as well. Greg Calixte continues to get better and played some strong minutes. Javon Greene was also able to get on the scoreboard but is still waiting for his first made three-pointer. Overall it seems that Paulsen is getting more comfortable with his bench players and that’s a big key for this team moving forward.

Post game presser:

  • Foolsrushin63

    It was great how they fought to the end. Lot of poise. But, truth be told, JMU handed us this one on a silver platter. Two really stupid fouls (I think they were both good calls) in last 7 seconds. Shows how important it is to keep your head right to the end. Bench incrementally better last night. Moving in right direction.

    • Cruz108

      Bench improving, that’s important hoping as they get better so do our slow starts in the first half

    • G-n-G

      I agree on the bench. Calixte had some nice rebounds. He’s a strong kid who positions himself well. His FTs are cover-your-eyes worthy. Jevon seems as though he’ll be a defensive force once he’s more comfortable and unleashed (seems a bit like Otis as freshman, looking for steals but hesitating or instructed by the staff to hold back).

      From my vantage, the single best thing Goanar did was to draw the foul McLean after Mason retook the lead. In addition to poise and talent, he is an incredibly smart player.

  • Chris Hirsch

    LOL, Otis’ face is hilarious when Paulsen says in his 24 years of coaching he hasn’t had a more composed or mature freshman than Mar.

    • G-n-G

      I noticed. That was my favorite part of the interview!

  • Richard Matulis

    Can’t believe I abandoned this game. Sad.

    • G-n-G

      Don’t feel bad. A lot of JMU fans left when they thought they had the game won, especially after Phillips knocked Ian to the floor (no call) to get the lay-in for 71-67.

  • adam2405

    Glad to see Boyd and Mar step up in the clutch however I’m sad it was needed against JMU

  • Grad2003

    They are still turning over the ball a bit too much, I think some guys are are trying to force too much early on in games.

  • dsnjd1

    Sadly, today’s Mason student does not appreciate the history and significancance and history of this “rivaly’ that is felt, or rather “was felt’ among older Mason students. This game with the former “Industrial and Normal School for Women in Harrisonburg”, (No kidding this was the schools official name….complete with an official school ‘logo’ featuring a “butter churn and” a needle and thread” on thir schools “Coat of Arms”….LOL….I kid you not!) USED to be a big deal, and when held on a Saturday night in January of Februarynight would feature a large contigent of JMU (aka: The “U.Va waiting list”) students who took advantage of Mason’s location near home to bring home their their dirty laundry and to re-acquaint themselves with their old girlfriend,. (Who undoubtedly remained in a the area attended NVCC and kept their sales clerk job at Fashion Bug a Tyson’s. lol). It used to bring out the taunts of GMCC, and references to “living in Mommy and Daddy’s Basement”! Now, not so much. Yawn. The time’s they are a change’n.

    • Gamoo79

      Ah, old times. How well I remember.
      And the games were in the old gym on Ring Rd, now Patriot Cir., that was only half a ring, and you didnt have to pay to get in.

      Hey, dsnjd1, you remember the to the ceiling bird cages in Tysons when it first opened?

      BTW, my girlfriend worked at Bailey, Banks, and Biddle Jewelers when we were in high school.

      Good post!!

      • dsnjd1

        I remember when “Patriots Circle” was more accurately “Patriots Semi-Circle until shortly after I graduated”. I also remember when the “Aviary Court” at Tysons contained “Birds”….thus the name “Aviary Court” lol (I think it was near Hecht’s entrance….now long gone as well) These birds would periodically escape, and would fly free around the Mall until they were captured or escaped. lol) They used to have “Fashion Shows” at the aptly named “The Fashion Court”. (In front of what was Lansburgh’s ..I think the Bloomingdale’s space now.) Does anyone remember what the Third Court was called (it was near the Woodies end of the mall…)?. Boy I’m old.

        • Gamoo79

          You and me both, brother! πŸ™‚

          • dsnjd1

            Oh’, the “third court” in front of Woodward & Lothrup was called “The Clock Court” according to Wikepedia. (I seem to remember a large
            ornate clock on a pole that was placed there.) .The five minutes that it took me to find that fact is five minutes that I won’t ever get back.

          • Gamoo79

            Going even further back, to 1966, I remember when Tysons Corner was truly a corner with Rts. 7 and 123 intersecting with a stop sign. They were both two lane roads. On one corner was a gas station, and on the other was dirt bike trails where I used to ride my bike. The other two corners were just empty fields.

            BTW, speaking of ’66, my first car was a ’66 Chevy Nova 283. White w/ red interior. Bench seats, baby. Very convenient back in the day. Just sayin’.