Rhode Island rolls past George Mason in A-10 opener

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The second season for George Mason didn’t look much different than the first one last night as the Patriots dropped their Atlantic 10 opener on the road to Rhode Island 83-64. Mason continues to come out flat in the first halves of games this year and then try to catch up in the second. The team also continues to struggle mightily shooting the ball and three point shooting is almost non-existent. Justin Kier lead all Mason players with 15 points and has been their most consistent player of late, but has yet to hit a three-pointer this season. Mason is trotting out a guard-heavy lineup that can’t shoot threes and having trouble in all areas on defense. That’s just not good. They could sure use a guy like Jeff Dowtin.

Jaire Grayer has now had a stretch where he’s been held to 10 or less points in three out of the last five games. I just don’t see Mason winning many games with that happening. They’ve got to find a way to get him going more in the early portions of games. The offense seems to be getting in to the paint this season but they just can’t seem to finish. The frustration is leading to some ill-advised long range shooting instead of them going to what they do better. Otis Livingston II continues to force up a lot of shots also because this team is always playing behind.

Mason hasn’t showed us much lately to give us any kind of hope that they can turn this around through the rest of conference. No one really seems to be playing to their full potential and their core guys just aren’t getting it done. There’s a talent and size disadvantage that they face in almost every game from now tilt he end of the season but they faced this issue last year and looked way better. Last year’s team played much better overall as a team and guys seemed to know their roles more. This year I worry they are still looking to find their identify.

  • Foolsrushin63

    I have continually said, while this team has a lot of inherent problems, it could play better than it has if if went with its strengths, I am beginning to doubt this analysis. I have not given up on this team yet, but I am starting to think that while the game plans have been poor it may actually be more of a personnel problem than I would like to admit. Some of these guys are just not as good as I thought, although the effort is there (e.g, Otis), and, although I hate to say it, some don’t seem putting out maximum effort. I hope I am wrong.

  • Gamoo79

    So much to digest with this team. With Hewitt, it was obvious he was the problem.
    Now, who knows. Yes, the team is short handed, young, and maybe talent-challenged. But should we be this bad? How much could be coaching? If we give a coach credit for a team coming out like gang busters for the second half, do we blame him for them not being ready from the get go…every game!!??
    And how about style of play? After the Morgan St. game, Paulsen talked about how they got out and ran and how great it was. But then they very seldom do it. Why not?
    Also, after one game (a loss) DP was asked if he ever thought that there were coaching elements that could be improved (or something to that effect). He got a bit testy, and said “coaching is something we always look at.” (Again, paraphrase)

    Now of course Dean Smith was hung in effigy during his first or second year at Carolina, and we all know how that turned out. And I know that coach L wasn’t always COACH L, but at some point asking questions is appropriate. It is what administrators and fans do….otherwise we wouldn’t care. Some may ask before others, but I guarantee that if things dont improve, at some point, we ALL will be asking why DP is still our coach.
    I know we all hope that never happens. We hope in a year or two that the team is winning and we’re praising coach Dave. We would love for him to lead us to long term success and even have the court named after him.

    But that’s not now, not yet. Right now, things don’t look good. The team can’t shoot, rebound effectively, play tenacious defense, or stop turning the ball over. How much of that is coach and how much is the players simple lack of skills? I don’t know.
    Now I know our guys are doing their best, and I AM pulling for each and every one of them. They’re all 18-21 and they always deserve our support. But as a fan, I want to see a winning product, and at some point, questions begin. Because we care.

    • MasonFan4Life

      What pisses me off about blewitt is that he always seems to land on his feet after ruining programs. He sunk GT and then got a job at GMU.Then, after sinking GMU, he got a job for the LA Clippers as a director of scouting. Guy has nine lives.

  • StopWearingPurple

    On a positive note it’ll practically be curbside parking at the games.

  • G-n-G

    Gamoo and Fools, you’re both right to want and expect better play and performance. I’m just not sure it’s going to happen within this season. This is the team we have. Like most other teams they’ll continue to improve individually and collectively (otherwise that’s an indictment of the coaches), but they’re not going to suddenly start being something different. Seth Davis knows a heck of a lot more about college hoops than I do and regularly quotes a former Connecticut high school coach (Gary Palladino) that basketball is 70% talent, 20% coaching and 10% luck. Right now we know this team is short-handed on talent vs. most of its opponents. Based on 2+ years I think Mason has solid coaching. We could always use luck but that’s not going to overcome the talent/personnel deficiencies this season, I’m afraid. I still expect a slightly sub-.500 record when all’s said and done.

  • Jim

    There is no talent on this team. None of the current players were our primary recruiting target. They are all plan B, and it is showing. Coach needs to win some recruiting battles, and having eight scholarship players does not reflect well on any coach.

    • Gamoo79

      Jim the troll is back.