Otis and Grayer lead Mason past Saint Louis

Photo by Bill Bride

Another conference win at home yesterday for George Mason as they took down Saint Louis in a game that came down to the wire. Otis Livingston II (26 points) and Jaire Grayer (25 points) led Mason to this win with freshman Greg Calixte also being a big factor in the middle. Calixte continuing to be play strong up front, on both ends, has been a big difference maker for the team. He’s scoring in the post, blocking shots, and getting tough rebounds. Mason now sits at 3-2 in the Atlantic 10 with a lot of tough games still to play but still right in the thick of it within the conference.

Three-point shooting continues to improve, largely in part to Grayer and Otis, and they getting the shots when they need them. Points in the paint is still the bread and butter of their offense and Otis continues to find guys in just the right places:

Photo by Bill Bride

The Grayer and Otis combo can be tough for opponents to deal with but Mason needs more from their other players. Guys like Mar and Boyd have been streaky scorers, and Mason having their two best players logging 38-40 minutes every night could lead to some off games. Also, defensively Mason still have a lot of work to do because Saint Louis never should have reached more than 70ish points. Yet somehow the Billikens were shooting the lights out it seemed for a team that has some of the worst eFG% and three-point shooting numbers in the nation. Despite that, Mason battled back just like they did against Saint Joes but they shouldn’t be putting themselves in these positions. They need to find a way to clamp down and make stops in the second half.

Overall I how they are playing as a team lately, with the turnovers starting to become less and less of an issue. Kier, Boyd, and Mar have all shown their potential at different times this season but it’s rare we see it all come together at the same time. I hoping that is something we start to see come together by the end of this month but we’ll see.

Photo by Bill Bride

Photo by Bill Bride

Photo by Bill Bride

  • Gamoo79

    Some thoughts:
    – Always glad to see a win.
    – Back to back wins is fun.
    – Uh-oh, gotta go on the road now.
    – Down year for A10 might allow us to finish mid-pack.
    – Or not.
    – Otis seems to have really picked up his shooting/dribbling/passing skills. I’m very impressed with his development.
    – Seeing our freshmen on TV, these guys are babies!! Do they even shave yet?
    – I see more clearly why DP called this a two year team.
    – I’m going to stop being critical. I think Dave is doing all he can, and these guys are just young and skinny doing all they can.
    – Hoping for better (even big) things in the future.

  • Masonfan01

    These are the games we need to win to stay in the A-10 race, Otis is playing out of his mind but will it last? I think they need to start running more plays for Mar, I had thought he’d be more productive with Calixte starting at center.

  • Foolsrushin63

    I love our poise and ability to finish in close games, although we made this one closer than it should have been towards the end. A10 is really down this year so winning home games against teams of comparable skill level a must to get a decent seed in the A10 tournament. Consistency still a big problem. From Freshman i expect that, but Boyd and Kier (and even Grayer) need to not disappear as they sometimes do. Putting to much onto Otis’s shoulders.

  • Chris Hirsch

    Yay, a winning streak! Also, nothing to do with the team itself, but the court looks so much better on TV now. Colorful, instead of drab and boring.