Dave Paulsen discusses current state of roster in radio interview

Dave Paulsen recently had a radio interview discussing his position as George Mason’s new head coach. We get some real insight on his thoughts about the current roster and he talks about how they are lacking at the guard positions, especially ball-handlers and shooters. Paulsen also states how the previous coaching staff put a premium on bringing in size and athleticism, something that confused and frustrated most fans. Below is the audio:

Dan Steinberg & Ben Standig talk about sad state of George Mason basketball

Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post and Ben Standig of CSN Washington are on a podcast on ESPN 980 radio discussing local hoops. At the about the 33 minute mark they start talking about the state of George Mason and discuss what the future might hold. Very interesting conversation from two local media guys about how the program doesn’t put themselves out there enough in the media, definitely worth a listen. Here is the snippet of audio where they talk about George Mason:

[Via ESPN980]