Game Day Links: George Mason vs Northeastern

TV: NBC Sports Network
Spread: Mason by 7.5
Paul Hewitt: “I’ve told them every once in a while I feel like I’m coaching 12-year-olds” [GoMason Blog]
Patrick Holloway’s role to expand? [Wash Times]
Conference Catchups: Mason best of shrinking CAA [NBC Sports]
Conference Title Predictions [Kenpom]

CAA favorite GMU hosts Northeastern in conference opener [CSN Washington]

Game Day Links: George Mason at Rhode Island

TV: CBS Sports Network, 8 pm

Free web stream link here or here

Current Line: Mason -4

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Statistical Comparison

Current RPI: GMU 65, URI 166

Pregame Discussion

George Mason vs Rhode Island Preview

’32-4′: George Mason Rebounding After Sitting Out The Dance

CAA already seems destined for one bid come Selection Sunday

Around the Rim: November Drama

RTC’s weekly CAA check-in

[Photo by John Powell]

George Mason vs UVA Game Day Links

Game Time: 7:00 pm EST


Current Line

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Probable Starters: Bryon Allen, Sherrod Wright, Anali Okoloji, Johnny Williams, and Jonathan Arledge

Photo by John Powell

Game Preview

UVA blogger preview

Around the Rim: The Focus for Game One

UVA will be starting three freshmen

Seth Davis picks Mason to win 57-53

First “Colonial X” of the season by Brian Mull

Forum Discussion

Battle of the Orange Line Part II: Game Day Links and Live Blog

Game Time: 7:00 pm, get to the game early to receive a Folarin Campbell Bobblehead

Radio: WGMU and also on 1050 AM (GW broadcast)

Spread:  Mason by 13

Game Notes

Washington Post Preview

Previewing the Battle of the Orange Line Part II

Video Highlights from the game against FAU


Statistical Breakdown

Join us for the Live Blog and chat tonight. If your at the game or not by a computer you can also join in via twitter by sending me a tweet @gmuhoops or by using the hashtags #gmuhoops or #mason

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Game Day Links: George Mason vs Wofford: Charleston Classic Third Place Game

Game Time: 5:30 pm



Spread: Wofford by 1

Statistical Breakdown

Radio Link, Smartphone, GoMason Mobile App is also in iTunes App store

What do we want to see out of Mason tonight? After a disappointing 2nd half effort on Friday, I’d like to see the Patriots get back to that whole tenacious defense and balance on offense. It’s an important to see how this year’s team bounces back overall from a loss. They lost their focus in the 2nd half when they fell behind and too many guys tried to make things happen in one-on-one situations on offense.  Distributing the ball and finding better opportunities is something I’d also like to see and overall just better shot selections. The assist to turnover ratio has been good thus far even despite Friday’s loss and I’d like to see another 15+ assist night for the team. Luke Hancock has been a great scorer so far this season but he needs to be dishing out more dimes as defenses begin to key in on him.  He tried to do too much against NC State and looked a little too much like Cam Long of last season. It would also be nice to see a game this season where Mike Morrison and Ryan Pearson aren’t in early foul trouble and miss most of the 1st half. Wofford hasn’t been a great rebounding team so far this year so the Patriots should have the edge there.  They have also been getting to the free throw more than Mason so hopefully they will be more disciplined in that area.  Not that I want to see some sort of blow out victory from Mason, just a more focused team following the game plan and not veering away from what works for them.

Game Day Links: George Mason vs Charlotte (Charleston Classic)

GoMason Blog has a video recap of the team’s Wednesday night banquet in Charleston, complete with a motivational/motorcycle safety speech from Jay Williams:

TV/Game Time: 8:30 pm on MASN

Spread: Mason by 4

Free Video Stream: (might update later)

Audio Broadcast: Listen from your computer and from your smartphone

Game Notes

Statistical Breakdown

Previewing the Charleston Classic

Washington Post: Georgetown, George Mason head south for Charleston Classic

SB Nation DC’s local hoops preview for tonight

CSNWashington: Hoyas, Mason set for Charleston Classic

Perspective on tonight’s game from per TMB

Luke Hancock and Charlotte Niners forward Chris Braswell were teammates at Hargrave Military Academy Live Blog for tonight

Listen to Coach Larranaga on with the Junkies from 106.7 The Fan earlier this week

Commenter Alan on TMB found these video highlights from last Saturday’s game against Harvard via Connect2Mason (interesting choice on voice for narration):

George Mason vs VCU Quarterfinal Preview

TV information (in Fairfax Cox Channel 74, also ESPN360)

Video Web Stream
(doubt we will find free stream)

Radio: WWRC 1260 AM

Live Stats will have post game interviews

George Mason finds themselves playing VCU in Richmond Saturday at 2:30 pm. They are looking for a fresh start and will hopefully view this postseason tournament as a clean slate after a season full of ups and downs. Can the Patriots learn from their recent close game losses will be the biggest question mark heading into this match-up. Larranaga always seems to have a few last aces up his sleeve when it comes to the CAA tournament but advancing with this team will probably be one of his toughest challenges. Talent only gets you so far in the conference tournament and while the Patriots aren’t short on that they will need to dig deep to find success. Don’t think Mason fans have forgotten last year’s drubbing the Patriots received from VCU in the CAA tournament finals, an element which only adds to making this the most intriguing quarterfinal game of the weekend. The Patriots don’t have to worry about a guy like Eric Maynor going off for 25 points this time but they could have their hands full with Larry Sanders again who collected 20 boards in that game. This year’s Rams team might not scare you as much as paper but they can be just as deadly, especially in the Richmond Coliseum with a throng of VCU students.

In the two teams’ only meeting this season, Mason pulled out the victory in overtime with big games from Mike Morrison and Cam Long. The Rams’ Joey Rodriguez scored 24 on 6-of-11 shooting from behind the arch. Mason can’t let that happen again and will need to be stout with their perimeter defense. Larry Sanders, who despite being named Defensive Player of the Year, has been less than dominant this season. In that game against the Patriots in Fairfax he collected only 4 rebounds and fouled out of the game. I’d expect him to have more of an impact in this one but his foul trouble problems are always a factor.
Keys to winning for Mason:
Discipline on defense: The Patriots haven’t been consistent enough on offense to think they can overpower anyone in this tournament so they will need to keep up their stout defensive ways. More importantly how well they defend at the guard spot could determine how far they go this weekend. Isaiah Tate and Andre Cornelius have been less then stellar recently, will they be up for the task against Joey Rodriguez and Bradford Burgess? They need to limit Rodriguez’s touches, he got way too many open looks in Fairfax earlier this season. The team also can’t afford to have more breakdowns from guys like Mike Morrison or Ryan Pearson. If either of them start collecting sloppy fouls and lose their composure it will be a short trip to in Richmond this year.

Which Cam Long will be in Richmond? Will we see the Cam Long from January were he averaged 19.3 ppg when Mason went 9-1 or the the guy we’ve seen in the last 5 games of the season averaging 7.4 ppg? Long is just too important to this team’s success and although he struggled with the added pressure this season he can look at this tournament as a chance to redeem himself. They need to help him create more shots early on and get him hot because he sets the tone for this team.
Protect the ball: This hasn’t been an issue all season but it has recently. The Patriots haven’t been winning the turnover battle in their last few games and it’s been especially a problem in the 1st half of games. They can’t afford to let the Rams build up an early lead by giving up easy points due to sloppy ball handling. Luke Hancock has been the biggest culprit and I can’t imagine VCU not attacking him early. Cornelius and Long should be the only ones bringing up the ball in this one.
Late game management: Not all of the factors of winning can be pinned on the players. The team might be inexperienced as a whole playing in this tournament but Jim Larranaga sure isn’t. However, despite his experience a lot of close game losses this season left us scratching our heads as we watched the teams final possession. Often times the team had a realistic chance of winning and the last “drawn up play” out of a timeout would end in a debacle. Too many times we saw the ball in the hands of a freshman or a final shot never got off. To me that’s inexcusable to not at least give your a players an opportunity to make a play. There’s a real chance this game could come down to the wire, if so how will Larranaga handle this one?